Herd Health Prevention

  • vaccination programs developed by our veterinarians to meet individual herd needs 
  • deworming products, both injectable and pour-on to help with average daily gains
  • dehorning
  • brucellosis vaccinations 
  • Hot Brand or Freeze Brand
  • herd health consultation 
  • health certificates 
  • veterinary feed directives (VFD) 

Reproductive Services

  • pregnancy evaluation (ultrasound or palpation) 
  • OB complications and C-sections in our indoor, heated facility 
  • bull semen evaluation 
  • pelvic measuring heifers 

Surgery & Hospitalization

  • general bovine surgery 
  • spaying heifer
  • gomer bull surgery 
  • calf hospitalization and IV treatments 
  • in-house diagnostics for blood, fecal, and colostrum consumption