puppy classWhen Is The Class?

Our last puppy class will be on November 13th.  Puppy courses will be temporarily suspended after that date.  

We are offering classes on Monday evenings at 6pm. Classes are only held if you contact the office to sign up. If no one signs up for a particular night, Dr. Pedersen will not be there for classes.

What Does It Cost?

Classes are charged per hour. Contact us to find the price today!

What Do We Cover?

In class we will cover the basic commands - such as sit, stay, and lay down. When your puppy gets those commands down, we will move on to harder ones - such as roll over and learning to balance a treat on their nose! 

We will also make sure that your puppy knows how to act around new people - such as being calm and not barking and not jumping up on people. 

We recommend at least 6  sessions to learn the commands.